Hub 51 Chicago

Hub 51 51 W Hubbard St, Chicago 312-828-0051 Anyone who had enjoyed eating in Chicago over the years know the name Rich Melman and that he started Lettuce Entertain You and has grown it over the years into a huge Restaurant Success story. They have started some of the best joints in Chicago over years and continue to put out some of the best most consistent food in the world. From high end places like Tru and L20 to R.J. Grunts to Wildfire and Bog Bowl and Ben Pao and dozens of other Chicago Favorites. Well Hub 51 is thanks to R.J and Jerrod Melman, they are sons of the famous Rich Melman. This is there 1st solo adventure and brand new place all they're own. This place is a winner in my opinion and they sure took all those years of knowledge and skill working with their father and turned it into a winner. The decor is awesome with high ceilings and exposed ductwork. It is lively and fun inside with tons of action and good looking people. First look at the menu and I was very confused that it seemed to lack direction but each and everything sounds great. After looking deeper and trying a few different things I realized right away it had great direction and depth. The Melman brothers were taking a ton of favorite dishes and putting them all in one place and doing each of the right. The Menu is awesome and the food is great. I love this place and can't wait to go back and try more of the menu, the choices for me were like my dream menu and as if they asked me to list all the things I wish I could choose from and I will be back to try them all.

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