Zed 451 Chicago

Zed 451 739 N Clark St, Chicago 312-266-6691 www.zed451.com WOW!!!  Zed 451 was incredible in every way.   The place is beautiful and crowd is awesome and the food and experience is so very cool.   This was my 1st time eating here and I was very impressed with the concept and how well they executed everything.  If you have not been here or heard of it I will simply say it is service like Fogo De Chau and Salad bar and food being delivered and served at the table.  The food is very high end meats and fish and the salad bar is more amazing than anything i have ever had.  They have a cheese and meat bar and some of the most interesting salads and appetizer  salads.  They delivered fish and chicken and some very cool meats and ribs to you.   It is Brazilian style serving but not Brazilian food.  I give Zed 451 very very high marks and can't wait to head back and try it again.

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