Ra Sushi Glenview

RA Sushi 2601 Aviator Ln, Glenview 847-510-1100 www.rasushi.com I have been to Ra in Chicago and Ra out in Schaumburg and this is my 2nd time eating at this one at The Glen.  I am maybe the biggest Sushi fan in the world and I am pretty happy with almost any Sushi and RA is pretty  much like any ole Sushi.  The food was good but not close to great,  the menu makes everything sound great but it just everyday average sushi.  It does not compare to some of my favorites like Sai Cafe or Coast or Naniwa or Mirai or any of the greats.  As I said it was good just not great and I am sure I will visit again since it is easy to meet friends from up North but for Sushi is just an average spot.

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