WOW Reunion, Vegas, Michigan

Guess what? I waited to long to post and now I have too many things to catch up on and I am not going to remember dates or what happened very well. I am going to try to do my best and fill in the blanks but this is going to more of a ramble of many things. First I will start by sharing that PJ and I have sold and our other ticket websites and I are very happy to get started on the next chapter of my life. We finally closed the sale 7/31 and I will be helping the new owners for the next few months learn and keep them on track to grow my baby. I had a great visit July 31st with my sister and Jeff and the kids in Michigan city, they rent a house every year in the coolest little beach vacation rental spot. We spent the afternoon at the beach and Jeff cooked a great dinner followed by bedtime stories and catching up with my Seester. Went back to the hotel at Blue Chip Casino and crashed after a long day, woke up Saturday morning and had some amazing pancakes Jeff made and got to see my Dad for a bit when he got there. We left Michigan city and headed to Silver Lake for a weekend with Lindsay's family and had a really nice weekend with beach and Dunes and plenty of food and beer. I headed home Tuesday morning to get some work done and actually got to see my Seester and the kids again Thursday in Chicago with my Mom and Myron. Friday I headed back up to Silver Lake for the weekend that was half rainy and half super nice. After relaxing the weekend we came back to the city to start the week. Tuesday night I had a great dinner with Dodger and Kenny, Seth, Leslie and PJ at Sunda that was really good followed by drinks at the signature room. PJ and I took a last minute trip to Vegas for 48 hours Wednesday and had a great time gambling and eating and chilling at the Mirage. We golfed Thursday at Bali Hai and had a great dinner at Japonais, the whole trip was fun and much needed hang time for PJ and I. Came back from Vegas Friday since I had some 20 year reunion festivities to enjoy. Friday night I had dinner with the old crew at Bar Louie in Evanston and it was so great to see everyone and catch up. Steve and Greg were out of town and could not make it but it was Gary and Lyssa, Brad and Lisa, Rob and Carolee, Burt and Jen, Matt G and Chris and myself. We had fun and then we went to Nevins for our 20 year reunion mixer, it was really crazy to see everyone after so many years and I hardly recognized anyone but was great to see so many people I did know. I didnt make it to the main reunion Saturday but glad I got to make Friday and see everyone. Well that is about it for now, I am sure I left out tons of stuff but hopefully will catch up more soon. Till next time =)

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