CHIYO Japanese Restaurant in Chicago

Chiyo 3800 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago 773-267-1555 Just had a very good dinner at Chiyo and it has been many years since I had Shabu Shabu and there are not many places around that can enjoy Shabu Shabu.  It was a great little restaurant on the North Side of Chicago on Lawrence near Pulaski.  We started the meal with a little Sashimi and then served our Kobe Beef that you dip in a pot of boiling water mixed with veggies and noodles that you dip in sauces with a side of white rice.  The place was great and very traditional style and also had Sukiyaki and Ippin that all looked very good.  Good food and the little Japanese owner lady was awesome,  only issue was the booze option was very limited.  All in all I highly recommend if looking for a traditional Japanese meal.

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