Time Keeps on Ticking

Things have been busy and I have been running around and also working a lot.  This past weekend was a fun busy wedding weekend that started out Friday night with a rehearsal dinner at Orsos on Chicago on Wells.  Lindsay was standing up in her friends Dani and Chad's wedding Saturday and it started with a fun night Friday that of course included plenty of drinking at Orsos and the more hanging across the street at O'Briens.  Saturday I went to the wedding around 4pm at the South Shore Cultural Center which is about 7000 south on LSD on the Lake front.  After the ceremony the wedding party and their dates went on a 2 hour trolley ride with lots of beer and went for pictures at Wrigley while people were getting to Rascal Flatts and then the Wrigley building.   We went back to the reception and had a really fun night that some how ended us at a loud club Land Mark on Halsted that I have never been with. Sunday was Brunch at Cafe Con Leche followed by all day Entourage that I am trying to catch up to  the current season and I had never seen before about a month ago.  I am like half way through season 3 and loving the show but have way more shows to catch up on to get current.    Some other dinners were Thursday night we went to Old Oak Tap and it was not good and Sunday night was Mexique and that was very good.   If you have not noticed I have added a dining tab to my website and I am going to be writing small reviews on places I have eaten.   The main reason is for me to look back and see some of the memorable and not so memorable meals.   I have also added a few more galleries and home to catch up with more of what has been going on soon.   Till next time

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