Sunday Cubs Day

I actually went to 2 cubs games yesterday and had a great time, most of you know that I am not a huge baseball fan and after 25 years in the ticket business I usually stay far away from Wrigley but I have to say that yesterday was a lot of fun. Started at around 11:30 at the Captain Morgan Club for a Bloody Mary followed by a couple beers and then we headed in to our seats. We sat in amazing Club boxes a couple rows from the Caridnals pitching staff and the weather was perect. We drank through the whole game taking trips back outside to the Captain Morgan club for good beer since it was close and easy to go in and out. After the game we went to Harry Caray's on Sheffield for some food and drinks and around 6pm we headed over to my friends rooftop to catch the second game. We ate and drank up at the very top and enjoyed the 2nd game till about the 7th inning and headed home. That was a full day of beer and Baseball. I took most of the weekend easy and the only thing besides the Cubs was seeing Bruno Friday, the movie was funny but not nearly as good as Borat. All in all it was a great weekend and this week I am really going to take it easy and try to get a little healthy and stay away from the Booze and fun =) Till next time

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