Summer is finally here

Well we have gone from cold and rainy to hot and sunny and sticky, typical Chicago crazy weather. Things have been pretty busy the last week and I am going to catch up with what has been going on. I had a couple healthy days the start of last week and Lindsay cooked a nice healthy dinner after my Yoga last Wednesday that was really good. Thursday night I went to LaSalle Power Company for Nick's 30th Birthday party and got to catch up with everyone and saw a few people I have not seen in a long time. Caught up with Nick Cimmarusti whom I have not seen in quite a few years and was good hearing about him and his brother Mike. Had a lot of fun with everyone and enjoyed the night. Friday had a great dinner at Japonais with one of my favorite bottle of wines followed by a few drinks outside on the river. Saturday was busy, went to the beach for a couple hours and then went to a graduation party out near Tinley Park followed by an fun Surprise B-day party out in North Aurora that was a huge pig roast with a whole huge pig on a grill and we drank into the night. Sunday was busy as well, started with a 9:30 Tee Time at Bliss Creek then swimming and lunch followed by dinner cooked by Lindsay's dad. It is now Tuesday and I have been crazy at the office with so much crap but all is good and going to end the day with a midnight showing of Transformers with Perm, Nick and I think PJ,

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