Time for a little health…

It is Monday June 15th and I hope to have a full week of healthy eating and working out each day and no drinking. The last week was fun and did a bunch of stuff but being healthy has been really hard and I am ready for a week of detox. Since I posted last I went to NYC for a couple days and had a busy weekend when we got back to Chicago. Last Wednesday I had to fly to New York for a court ordered mediation for a really silly lawsuit Onlineseats was named in, the case is really stupid and we have nothing to do with it and have done nothing wrong. I had to be at the Federal Court house in Brooklyn Thursday at 9:30 so I decided to atleast enjoy a couple days in NYC so Lindsay joined me. We were not there very long but did quite a bit for a 40 hour trip. 1st night we went to Nobu for a amazing dinner, we did the Omakase tasting and got to enjoy like 7 different things plus dessert. After dinner we went back to the W and drank at the Whiskey Bar for a couple hours and called it a night. I went to the courthouse early and met Lindsay for a late lunch at around 3 at Balthazar for a huge meal and stuffed our faces enjoyed a couple beers and some wine. Thursday night we went to see a great Comedy called Gods Of Carnage at Jacobs Theater that was really funny and starred Jeff Daniels, James Gandolfini and Hope Davis and some other lady that I don't know. The show was great and the seats were 3rd row center so we really got to see and feel the emotion and how great these actors were. After the show we went for some really yummy Spanish Tapas at Mario Batali's restaurant called Casa Mono that was attached to Bar Jamon, the food was amazing and actually was sitting next to the second place winner of Survivor. The whole time we were sitting at dinner I knew I knew the guy who was sitting next to us, I kept saying I know him from somewhere but just could not place it and on the way back to the hotel it hit me and I was right, it was Stephen from Survivor Brazil. We got home Friday morning and I relaxed most of the day and went to see the new Movie Pelham 1-2-3 and chilled most of the night. Saturday woke up and wend to brunch at Feast and headed over to KY's house to meet Pete and Grace and John for Ribfest on Lincoln. We had a great time and drank and hung out at KY and Nicole's place and walked down in the crowd to get some ribs and corn etc. Sunday I slept late and went to Cullins for lunch outside and then hung out in park followed by dinner outside at Angels and Mariachis on Division. Sunday night I watched the 1st two episodes of Royal Pains and by the way the show is great if you have not seen it. Well that is it for today and I hope I don't have much fun or drinking to talk about for this upcoming week and I hope I can share all the working out I did. CBD oil has been proven to have hundreds of health benefits. CBD oil is readily available for purchase in all 50 states. Buy CBD Products online today.

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