2009 “The Year of Drinking and Eating”

All I can say is that 2009 is really going to go down as the year of drinking and eating. Since I got back from South America with PJ I have turned into a real boozer and I think I need to Detox for a while. This past week was no different and it looks like with summer here that I am not going on the wagon for a while. Tuesday night I went to see UP and then Coast for a great Sushi dinner, it was my 1st time there and I really enjoyed the sushi and they had fresh Wasabi that was really good and it is BYOB so ofcourse I brought my own. Wednesday night I went out for dinner at Branch27 with PJ, this place is very new and actually owned by a friend of Scottie's. The food was really really good and we started with grilled Octopus and Pork Belly and PJ had Halibut and I had braised Duck that was perfect. We had a couple bottles of wine with dinner and then went to The Violet Hour, PJ has been talking about this place and I finally got to go an check it out. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys chilling it out and drinking some amazing drinks. The place is unlike any place in the city, it is a Mixology bar and really was a great experience and we had some of the most interesting drinks and everyone should check it out on a week night since I am sure the weekends are tough to get in. Thursday morning I woke up and flew for a short trip to visit Betsy and Evan and Erin in Chesterfield and had a very fun busy 24 hours. Started with playing outside and then inside and then set them both up with email accounts on their Ipods so I can email them links and pictures and they can email with Grandma and Poppa and Nana etc. We went to a fun early dinner at Red Robin and played games and had a fun dinner followed by a huge Mud Pie and some more games. We went home and we played a little more and then I laid down with both of them till they fell asleep. After the kids fell asleep Betsy and I had some wine and talked and caught up and played on the computer till Jeff got home and he joined us for a couple glassed of wine. Friday morning the kids woke me up nice and early and we had breakfast and then went Strawberry picking with some of the Betsy's friends and a bunch of their kids. After picking we went to a cool park in the forest preserve and had lunch and the kids played for a while and then Betsy took me to the Airport. Friday night Lindsay and I went out to Frasca for dinner followed by meeting Pete, Grace, Sergio, Krista, Eddie and Danny and Mary and some friends at Fizz for the Voodoo Bus reunion show. We had a fun night there seeing everyone and took Saturday pretty easy with Brunch at Cafe Con Leche on Milwaukee and kinda chilled the afternoon. Saturday night we went for Sushi at Dibs on Lawrence followed by picking up Rathna and going for drinks at Mellisa and Rays condo on Western. We had a fun night there drinking and munching too the wee hours and of course I had a little too much scotch so Sunday morning I was not feeling so great. Sunday was a pretty full day with a dance recital for Lindsay's nephew followed by a BBQ at her sisters house and we finished the weekend with seeing Hangover at Muvico in Rosemont. Well as you can see I am pretty busy and hoping to slow down and rest a little soon. I have to go to NYC this week for a retarded court case that has been going on for two years and I hope to finally put it to rest at this court ordered mediation Thursday morning. Till next time Ciao

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