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Well I typed a really long good post while on a 2 hour 7 mile walk the other day and it is lost so now I need to try to remember what I shared and what has happened over the last couple weeks. I really have no idea exactly but I will ramble through some of the stuff I can remember. Lets start with Memorial Day Weekend, it started with a great dinner at Nomi for dinner Thursday night at the Hyatt on Michigan, the view was amazing and the food was good just not great, I would say the best thing was the Foi Grois creme brulee and the wine. Friday morning Lindsay and I drove up to her families cottage on Silver Lake was North in Michigan about an hour from Grand Rapids. We stopped on the way in Holland for lunch and walked around this cool little town. We got up to the cottage around 6 and had dinner with everyone and drank some wine and hung out most of the evening. Saturday we woke up and it was work time, looks like Memorial Day is set up for the summer weekend and Labor Day is clean up for the winter trip. I helped the cousins put together the dock and working my little lazy Jewish ass off in the freezing cold lake water, it was not too bad but trust me when I say I was glad to be done. We had a really nice weekend up there and headed back Monday and stopped in Saugatuck for lunch and some Bloody Mary's and wings on the water and then walked around for a bit. The week after was pretty busy with work, I had a really amazing dinner with my Dad in Wednesday at Graham Elliots and I think the both of us were really happy with everything we had. Thursday was a surprise golf round for Brian's 35th B-day that his wife Annalisa set up for us, PJ, Rick and myself showed up at Brian's house and we waiting in the Kitchen for him when he walked out of the office and he was thrilled to see us and go enjoy 18 holes instead of working. We went and played 18 holes at Harborside on the far south side and I actually played the best 9 holes of my life, I shot a lights out 43 on the front 9. My back nine was not very good and PJ and I actually lost a nail biter bet for dinner at Sunda, we were down by one stroke going into 18 and Rick hit a monster shot from around 200 yards out in the sand that stuck the green and PJ and I lost dinner. Friday night I went to Quartinos and had a really nice pretty laid back night followed by a Saturday morning workout and then brunch with Rathna and Maya at Deleece. After brunch we went to Sergio's house to visit Krista, Rayne, Sergio and their new son Gabrial. Saturday night we went for drinks on Ray and Mellisa's rooftop and then went to a different Deleece for a really yummy dinner with lots of wine followed by more drinking back at Ray and Mellisa's =) Sunday got started with Dim Sum at the Phoenix in China town and some bubble tea followed by chilling outside near the Lincoln Park Zoo and then ended the weekend with some Fajita's and margarita's at Uncle Julio's This week I am going to get caught up and it looks like this weekend coming up is going to really busy with all kinds of plans. Till next time

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