Where does the time go?

I can't believe it has been a month since my last post and I really have no idea how I am going to be able to recap the last month. I guess I can just breeze through some highlights and try to remember what I can. I went to a event that Sergio was the Emcee for at Carnivale April 1st and had a nice night with Lindsay, Pete and Grace and Sergio and Scott Pfeiffer that brought us to letizia's wine bar for drinks and munchies. The weekend was pretty busy between visiting Rathna at the hospital and her new baby and Saturday night was a lot of fun heading out to Hugo's in Naperville for dinner with Jenny and Bryan and then we bar hopped around there to Jilly's and a few other places and got pretty drunk and Lindsay and I ended up crashing at her sisters house. We woke up Sunday and hung around the house with Max and then Lindsay's dad came over and we had some burgers on the grill and hung out for a bit and headed back to the city. Betsy and the kids were in town for Passover and I went to lunch with my dad, Betsy and my sweet little Erin at Cheese Cake Factory Thursday in Skokie and such a nice time playing and talking to Erin. Friday I went to a Birthday dinner at Big Dog Tavern in Lincoln Square with some of Lindsay's good friends and the went down the street to a few German bars and got pretty drunk and was totally hung over for my big family lunch at Maggiano's. Even though I was not feeling well during most of lunch it was a really nice time and it was a pretty big group of my family. Miranda and Dola came in town with little Amani and Betsy and Jeff were there with Erin and Evan and also my mom and Myron and Dad and Janice were there and it was hosted by Aunt Louie. Sunday I spent the day with Linday and her family for Easter in St Charles at her moms house and we have a great afternoon with her family. We took a short trip to Cancun on Thursday-Monday and had a great time, we really didn't do much but sit by the pool all day every day and eat Nachos and drink beer and piƱa colada's and went out every night for dinner and got pretty wrecked a couple of the nights. Check out the new galleries from the last month, I am going to post them now. Well that is about it and I am sure I missed a bunch of small dinners like Sunda with Scotty and PJ and dinner with my dad and some other fun nights. Till next time

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