Whirlwind Weekend

Well the last 4-5 days have been super busy and I am keeping up my busy momentum. The chunk of fun started Wednesday with a great dinner with my dad at West Town Tavern on Chicago Ave and we drank plenty of wine and ate well and talk about everything as we always do. Thursday night I had a very nice dinner cooked for me by Lindsay of bbq pork lion and salad and green beans. Friday night I finally went to see Mary Poppins which is one of my all time favorite childhood movies, the show was great and bumped into Finkle and his wife and boys. After the show I went to Province and had a great steak and some good appetizers. Saturday was super busy as well, started with some racquetball, shot some hoops and ran 2 miles followed by some Sushi at Naniwa then a little rest and ordered Leona's for a late dinner while watching a movie. Sunday was another busy day starting with breakfast at LePeep following my a noon showing of I love you Man, then bowled 3 games while drinking Bloody Mary's and Blue Moon followed then went to Shire on Lincoln for a few more beers which then turned into more beer and some burgers at Kuma's Korner. Well it was a busy few days and wanted to catch up with my journal to keep track of my busy schedule. Till next time.

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