Monday again already

Where does the time go, another week has gone by. Things are still moving right along and looks like spring is here and we have been staying above 50 most days. I have been doing a lot of walking and really enjoying it and I actually just bought some MBT walking shoes. I had heard of them but really didn't think much of them till I was at some shoe store in Andersonville and started talking to someone about them. I walked about 3 miles with them yesterday and everything felt better and my posture was helped a ton, check out this link if you are interested MBT Shoes I finally went to see Jersey Boys last Thursday and the show was amazing, met PJ before the show at Farmerie 58 which used to be Republic. PJ got to meet Lindsay and we had some sushi and wine and then we ran off to the show. I took it pretty easy Friday night and went to see the new Nicholas Cage movie Knowing and came home and had some wine and played some poker and chilled out. Saturday night went to a really cool wine bar in Andersonville called In Fine Spirits and had plenty of Wine with Cheese and some meats then a few more munchies later. After the wine bar we went to a really cool Beer Bar called the Hop Leaf that was really cool with a crazy good beer selection. Sunday had some brunch followed by the new shoes and walking and then had some Sai Cafe and watched Twilight. Well I am working today and going to try to get in a walk later and the gym since it was kinda rainy this morning. Till next time

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