First Walk of 2009

Looks like the brutal winter may finally be over. I am sure it may get colder but looks like the worst of behind us. I am taking my 1st walk of the season and it feels great besides the point of nowhere to walk to since I am working from home these days. I hope to mix in running as soon as my knee feels better, I hurt my right knee a couple months ago getting off a ski lift on a snow board and then re hurt it doing late night drunk yoga then aggravated it skiing in Vail and then running up hill with sol in Yakima. I know nobody cares but I guess I am sharing since it is hurting while walking. I had a fun weekend that started Friday night at Blue Bayou for a surprise bday party, drank pretty much all night and left my camera in a taxi that I don’t even remember taking 🙂 Saturday I did something I have not done and that was all day St Pattys day drinking, I actually had a good time followed by a fun night. Sunday started with a great brunch at cafe 28 that was really good with Lindsay and her best friend, I have not been there in years and forgot how good it was. I ran errands and bought a new camera that is so decent and records in HD. Well that’s it for my 1st walk and I hope to continue and enjoy it as much as I have in the past. I am going to get my bike ready today also and store the jeep hard top soon. Till next time.

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