Back in Chicago

I had a great trip with Scott and Lauren and Suebeck to Vail. They said it was the worst skiing conditions they had every seen but I had a great time and skied better than I every have. I think for the 1st time I was skiing with really good skiers and it elevated my skills and pushed me to ski harder runs and do things I would have normally not done. I really enjoyed skiing more than I ever have and we did a ton of it. We were on the 1st Gondola up every morning at 8:30 and went really with out more than a pee break to around 3pm all 3 days. We went out drinking the 1st night at a bar at the foot of the mountain and had a nice time and the second night we chilled up at Lauren's dads condo drinking wine and then I switched to Scotch neat with him and had a nice night in followed by Pizza and Gumbo back down at our place. The last night we went to a really good restaurant called Sweet Basil and had an amazing meal and really fun night. I left pretty early Saturday morning and took a bus/van to Denver to catch my flight to Seattle to see Sol for a few days. My travel day was pretty long since I had the 2 hour drive to Denver and then 2 hours at the airport and then a 2 hour flight followed by a 2 hour layover in Seattle to catch a small plane to Yakima. Sol picked me up on a break from his job and we went back to his bar and I had some great WA wines from Walla Walla Valley and Yakima Valley. We went out with Natalie and Jeff for the rest of the night and Sol and I drank and talked till like 8am Sunday morning. We slept late and the 4 of us went to Tony's for a amazing high end late lunch which you can see in the pictures Sol ordered a 30oz bone in Rib Eye and I had a super good Salmon. We took it easy Sunday night and rented some movies and went back to Sol's house. The learned that Sol and Jeff and Natalie are like The Gourmet Wino Three Musketeers, the work together all the time and spend all there time drinking good wine and eating great food, that is my kinda crew. Monday we took it pretty easy since Sol had to work and we went to lunch and then we all had dinner at Sol's main place Gasperetti's for a great dinner. We went to Natalie's and lit a fire and had some more wine and had a nice night hanging again. Got back to Chicago Tuesday night and been busy working since I got home and catching up and trying to detox from a week of wine and fun. Went out to dinner at Tallulah's Wednesday night with Lindsay for a great dinner and nice evening. Well that is about it for now and looking forward to spring and it being light out later.

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