Vail then Yakima

Where did I leave off? Well I think I left off Saturday and Sunday was another good night, started with seeing Slum Dog for the 3rd time and I swear I like it more each time followed by dinner at PF Changs and a really nice night. Monday I was really busy and Tuesday was my last day of my 25 day memory class I was taking. It was a long frustrating road but I am actually seeing some results and the true results don't come for 2-12 months with real changes happening all the way through. I plan to pick it up again after the 6 weeks I am suppose to stop and then get the 100 new exercises. I just had a great 1st day in Vail with Lauren and Scott and Suebeck. Last night we had a burger tasting for the bar and then I went home and packed for my trip to Vail. Scott and Lauren picked me up at 6:15am and we flew direct to Vail and we were on the slopes by noon. Skiing is free for your 1st day if you fly direct to Vail and then the weather is like mid 50's if you can believe that and the skiing was really great. Everyone was saying it was not very good but I thought it was awesome and i actually pushed myself and improved more in one day than I have in the last 5 years. We went out drinking and then dinner after skiing and just got home and I am really really tired. We are starting early in the morning to do it all over again and may actually do some tubing and other fun things. All is well and just enjoying a few days here and then going to visit Sol in Yakima, WA to visit and spend some time there. Till next time

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