Busy Busy

Time to play a little catch up with the last couple weeks and I have been busy. I am not sure where my energy is coming from but I have been out late and doing things and running full speed for the last couple weeks. I am going to go right down the list of what I did so I can remember without many details. Starting Thursday the 19th I went to a great dinner at Blu Coral on Milwaukee near division and I have never been there but was rated the best Sushi in Chicago for that last couple years on City-Search and it was really great. Friday night I went out with Adam and Mary and couple of her friends to 404 Wine bar and had a fun night and got home pretty wasted at like 3am and then I was woken up by Phil at 6:30am to go wait in line for the open casting call for the Biggest Loser. Well what I did for the fat man was really hard and we both suffered outside in the 20 degree weather for 9 hours. It was really one of the worst days ever since we were not dressed right and it was freezing and wet and we were just standing for so long with 1000 freezing fat people. It was all worth it since his interview went well and he got a call back right away on Sunday and went for a second real interview on Wednesday. Phil is down to around 500 people and I think he has a good chance of making the show with how big he is and his personality etc... Saturday night was a fun one, the night started at Black Bird for my first dinner there and really loved it followed by wine at the tasting room till we got kicked out around 2am and then I ended up at some crazy big live country western bar on the North Side called Carol's and hung out there till 5am. Sunday night pretty much chilled out and watched the Oscars and relaxed. The week was pretty busy working and went out Tuesday night for half price bottles at the tasting room and then Wednesday got a little nutty. Brian and I left the office around 3:45 to go to Yoga and I got pulled over for a Uturn and we missed out class, we went to The Boundry for a beer and then met PJ at Qcue for some pool. We hung out there and then PJ and I had dinner plans with Scott G at West town Tavern on Chicago Ave and we had a great dinner with Scott and too much wine and ended up going to 5 Star for more talking and drinking and somehow PJ ended up at my house drinking Chimay's till 5am. WTF am I 25 again. I slept late and had plans Thursday night and they kinda changed last minute and went to Zanies for some stand up and then drinks across the street and had a really fun night. Friday night I had more plans and went to Korean BBQ on western for dinner and good brunch at Toast on Saturday. Ok we are almost current, went out to meet Pete and Grace and John at The Boundry Saturday night and Pete's friends John and Jim Wede and John's wife were there. The Boundry was packed so we moved on to 50/50 and had a fun time there and then moved onto Mac's and by then we were all a little drunk and something about boozing with Pete and those guys we always end up doing more shots than we should and it we closed to mac's at 3am. These guys we talking about going to another place and I ducked out and hopped in a cab. Well it has been a crazy couple weeks but I actually feel great and have been having a very fun awesome time. Till next time

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