Bikram Day

So I decided that Wednesdays are no longer called Hump Days and I now refer to them as Bikram Day. Since I have gotten home from vacation I have become a regular at 4pm every weds with Brian and we enjoying it and feeling great. I have been working out in the mornings on the other days and going to work on getting B to join me soon and I am sure Anna Lisa is shocked that he has made it to Yoga 5 or 6 times and is loving it. I also finished my 17th day of my Gogmed today and that is going very well, It does not feel like it is going well but my coach says I am doing amazing and better then the other 6 people who are doing it as well. All in all things are going well and I am busy and looking forward to spring and getting outside more and back to walking. I had a really nice enjoyable weekend, I had a friend visit for the weekend I was a very active tour guide from Friday till Monday and I actually did more around the city than I have done in years. Started Friday night with dinner at Carnivale and the dinner was really good, I have not been there for dinner but was actually there for a wedding last year. The food was really good and it has the same feel as room21 with the big open space and great decor. After dinner we were heading to The Whiskey but ended up at Mothers on Division and I usually try to stay away but went in for a bit and had a few drinks and hung with suburb folks and other tourists. Saturday was another pretty busy day and went to Millennium Park and checked out the Bean and walked around for a while, Saturday night we went to Aja and the food was as good as everyone has been saying. The Kobe beef was amazing and the sushi was really fresh and good also and I give very high marks to the place, after dinner we went to The Joint down the street which was like half club half jazz/piano bar and had a nice time there. Sunday was busy as well with Navy Pier but missed brunch at Riva and ended up at Billy Goats followed by a movie then good old Chicago Deep Dish at Gino's East. It was nice to be so active and see so much of the city I take for granted and I was a damn good tour guide. Well that is about it for now, I need to detox and get my ass to the gym after the eating for the last 10 days and after the Thursday and Friday Sushi plans I am going to take it easy for a while. I am looking forward to my trip to Vail with Scott and Lauren and Suebeck 1st week of March. Till next time

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