2009 going strong

Well 2009 is well under way and the year is going well so far, well besides the world falling apart and the economy dying a slow terrible death. I started this year very positive with lots of big plans and goals, these plans were not just the usual New Years resolutions but these were ideas of real change and improvement. I have decided to take this year as a the year to improve myself and work on lots of things and not focus on making money or chasing the dollar. So far things are going very well, I have been working out perfect Monday through Friday including a Bikram Yoga with Brian Wednesday's at 4pm. I love my new place and am so happy having nice space with an awesome kitchen and plenty of closet space and of course my shower. We finally got the permits from the city after months and months of applying and working with the crazy City of Chicago and we are starting construction Monday. We launched our new site this past weekend and I am working like crazy marketing and building up my dream site that I have wanted to do for the last 7 years and it is finally a reality. I am feeling great and very excited to continue working on all my plans and myself this year and continue my journey. We have been having one of the worst winters in the last 10 years or longer and it has been just bitter cold and lots of snow and just no breaks till the last week, it was a very welcome warm streak and we actually broke records and it was actually 64 degrees and went running 2 miles in shorts and T-shirt. Some highlights from the last week or so have been I went to Ari Sagett's house for dinner and got to visit with Gen and his new daughter Juliette and had a nice bottle of wine and Thai food. I went to Marche the other night with Pete Hernandez and I have not been there in years and has always been one of my favorite places in Chicago but is a little outdated and I miss the old wine list but the tasting we did was awesome and the food is really really solid. Last night I went to a new place Eve on Wabash and has an amazing fine dining dinner and look forward to going back. I should have some more dining to talk about after this weekend, I have a friend coming to visit Chicago for the 1st time and plan on going to a few new places I have not been. Well that is about it right now, busy working and improving and I will write more soon

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