Conversion is finally done

Well my sites are converted to WordPress and it is very exciting, I realize nobody really cares but it is very cool since I will have way more flexibility to add new things and new types of galleries and also videos should pop up and play better. I am moving all the galleries and stuff over and is a pretty big pain in the ass but when I am all done I can start adding some new things. I want to finish my family page and add galleries to each group and I also am planning on converting more videos and trying to gather up some more pictures from the old days with all my good friends. Looking back I really wish we did better with pictures when growing up but from the age of 12-20 I really don't have very much. I guess the main reason is no cell phones or digital cameras and pictures were just not easy to take. Oh well, all I can do is try to do better these days but I really wish I had more from my teens and also would be nice to have more from the time living with Hank and John and also while I was living with Pete and I have none from the time I lived in LA after High School. Well not a ton going on besides working hard on my 2009 plans and doing a great job since I got back from vacation. This past weekend I took it pretty easy and went to PJ's to watch the Super Bowl and then saw Taken after the game, if you have not seen taken I highly recommend. Well that is it for now and I will continue to try to update more and make the site better and better.

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