New Site going live soon

Well my new site is going love hopefully next week. Brian and his guys have done an amazing job converting it to WordPress and I am excited for all the things I will be able to do and control I will have. The site will pretty much look the same but the guts are going to be way better and more fun. I plan to really post more so I can keep better track of what is going on and look back and remember the good and the not so good. Ok time for a little catch up, I love my new place and I am so happy to be in a nice big brand new never lived in Condo. I have 3 bedrooms and the most amazing master bath and for a person who takes quick showers, I have become like a shower whore. I have steam and like 4 heads plus a rain head on the ceiling and I am loving every second of it. After being a little sick last week I am back on track and this week was great. I went out Friday night for a going away party for Jamie Rojas, he is moving to Colorado to go work for the MLS team out there. I started my new workout schedule and went to the gym Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning and went to Bikram Weds night with Brian and Anna Lisa followed by dinner at there home and hanging with Brice and Romeo and another friend. I learned the flight attendants don't like to be call Stewards and their friend made it seem like it was really old school and not appreciated LOL. I spent the afternoon last Sunday with my mom and helped her with bills and computer stuff and brought over plenty of yummy food from Whole Foods. Tuesday Night I went to Metallica with PJ, Nick and Jamie and Lisa and had a great time. I was suppose to see Metallica with PJ years ago and missed it while I was hoobing it up in Canada and he gave me such a hard time. The show was great and reminded me of like 15 years ago when Sossity drove to my house in the city for the 1st time after the show all messed up but buzzing from how awesome the show was. Well it is Friday night and I was suppose to go back to KC Morans for going away party #2 for Jamie but ended up skipping since I was working really late and I had such a healthy week i didn't want to ruin my perfect healthy week with 20 Scotches like last Friday even though it was a good time oh and actually I almost forgot, my old friends who are all around 40 got into a fight outside the bar, I noticed all the police out front but in no way did I think that could be related to any of my friends who have7 kids between them. Well it was Pete, Danny and John and I guess it was one hell of a fight and I have to say I am glad I was inside drinking and flirting with Stephanie and the waitress. Well look for more posting starting next week and lots of new cool videos and fancy new galleries.

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