Please Comcast

So I have been home a couple weeks and 2009 is starting to take shape. I moved into a beautiful new place last week and I love it. I have to say the shower is the best part and I could hang out in there for an hour a day. I am finally all moved in and pretty much settled and hopefully my comcast will finally be installed today. I have been without cable and Internet for a week after the two bozos Friday could not get me installed. I am super happy here though and it is actually right across the street from the other building and other good news is we are finally getting started on the bar. Last week was a little nutty between the move but was able to sneak in a little Bikram Yoga with brian. I had a very nice birthday dinner Friday with Nicki at Ra sushi in Glenview and went to Pete's house Saturday night to hang. I have been a little sick for the last few days but finally feeling better today. Oh and I had a fun day Monday with Nick and Lisa at Alpine snow boarding followed by another birthday sushi dinner with my dad at Marai. Well that's it for now, hopefully I will get my comcast today and be back on track to continue my busy year of improvement and much more.

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