WOW already Mid December

Slow posting as always, but I am going to get much better and really start working on the site to make it much better. Brian has a new version of the site going live next week and I am so excited because it has been rebuilt using wordpress. This doesn't mean much to most people but it is going to make it easy for me to add more and do way more things. Spent Thanks Giving at the Solomon's house followed by a second dinner and poker at Pete and Grace's. I went to NYC Friday after Thanks Giving and spent the weekend with Mei and had a very nice time. We saw Slumdog Millionaire Friday night and it was awesome, I think it was one of the best movies I have seen in years, Saturday night we went to Speed the Plow with Jeremy Piven and it was pretty good and Sunday we went to Dim Sum in China Town and went saw the Sean Penn movie MILK and that was very good also. I packed up my apt and shipped everything back during the day Monday and flew back Tuesday morning. I had a couple busy weeks working and spent a couple Saturday nights at Sergio's house with Pete and Grace and John and the kids. Last Saturday we watched the Fight and had a nice night. I went to Copper Blue with my Dad on Tuesday since they are closing and this was the last week. I had a little bit too much to drink and somehow PJ and I started Texting at 2am and he was a little buzzed also and we decided to fly to Miami the next day. We got to Miami on Wednesday and have been having a nice couple days. The weather is way better than Chicago but not very good for Florida, we ate Sushi Samba and this amazing Italian seafood place and actually saw Slumdog Millionaire again with PJ. I am hoping the weather is better tomorrow but either way we are having a good time and I am also getting some work done. Well that's it for now, check back next week for the new site and it should look the same but have more features and I will put up way more Pictures and videos. I will also we updating a lot from this years trip and posting pictures so everyone can share South America with me.

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