Mid november Geez

I can't believe it is the middle of November already and Thanksgiving is next week already. Been taking it pretty easy the last week or so and trying to get some rest. Had a nice time Saturday at Brian's daughters Baptism followed by lunch at Triple Crown. Spent the afternoon with Mei and had a nice time catching up and really had a nice time. Took it easy Sunday and went and saw James bond and Monday with to Sullivan's for dinner and Tuesday night I went to Erie Cafe with my dad and had a great time. I went to Bikram Yoga with Nicki last week also and it was her 1st time and she really enjoyed it and we may try to make it a regular weekly thing. This years holiday travels are all booked and PJ and I are leaving 12/23 to spend 2 weeks in South America. We will be starting out in Brazil for about a week and then going to Ecuador and Peru. Besides the fun in the sun I plan on seeing as much nature in Brazil as possible and them make sure we see Machu Picchu and travel around Peru some and also I am hoping I can get PJ to visit the Galapagos islands with me otherwise I may have to find him a party town somewhere and head and visit myself. Hope to write more soon and but not much to write while taking it easy

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