Long week

Well this has been a very long week and I have been out way too late on too many nights. The week started with a trip to Vegas for my cousin Mike's wedding and Monday night we went out like rock stars, well actually not that cool but we started with a few drinks in the room and the my uncle, Mike, Howard, Manny and Scott went out. We started at a few cheaper casinos on the strip and taught them to play craps and we started drinking. We did some shots at the bar along with our drinks and then we lost my uncle and Steve. The 4 of us went to a few more casinos and drank more and then took a cab to the Palms. We were drinking pretty good and played some Black Jack for a bit and Howard went home around 3. Manny, Mike and myself continued the night and did more drinking and Manny and I showed mike a good time and I got home around 7 with mike. The wedding was Tuesday and I woke up and went to breakfast with my mom and then we got ready and we all went to the Chapel. We had a very nice couple days and really nice dinner at the Paris but Monday night really took its toll on me. I came home Wednesday night and dropped my mom off at home and we had some people in town from Hartford that PJ was entertaining and they went to the Chop House and I met them straight from Vegas at Gibsons around 10. They were all going pretty strong and quickly caught up and we went to a couple bars on Division and had a great night and got home around 6am. Friday night was Halloween and Lisa, Alpert and mom had a party and I went with PJ and Mikey and we had a good time, dont remember much but my costume was awesome and I will post some pics of my Black Pimp outfit in a couple days. Well that was a rough week and I going to try to regroup and get some rest for a couple days.

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