Happy Monday

Well happy Monday everyone. Time to try to catch up a little and there has not been much going on. I have seen a few movies over the last couple weeks, I went with my Dad and Mort to see Appaloosa and saw W with PJ and Body of Lies with Phil. Had a few fun nights out with PJ and nick and spent last Sunday with Pete Hernandez at his house talking and drinking and grilled some steaks. Went out Thursday night with Erin for a fun night and got pretty wasted at Japonais and pretty much blew off the whole day on Friday. Started reading a new book my dad recommended All In my Lyle Berman and have been playing and practicing my hold'em game online in my spare time. I may go to St Louis with my Dad on Friday to visit my sister and the kids but not sure, I am going to Vegas on Monday for my Cousins wedding, Mike is 49 and getting married for the 1st time, I am trying to line up a great fun bachelor night out for Monday but all the old guys are nervous and worried about keeping things clean. What fun would that be in Sin City =) I tried to keep it light since the economy sucks and the world is falling apart. I hope everyone has been watching all the debates and I am looking forward to a big change and hope Obama wins and no funny business goes on.

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