wow a month

Slow slow with the updates. Well things are good and my summer has been fun with many trips to NYC and also enjoying Chicago and a few trips. Business has been getting better and staying pretty decent even with the horrible economy. The Cubs and White Sox being in 1st place is helping and we are looking forward to both teams in the playoffs. Took a couple day road trip to Northern Wisconsin last week and spent a couple days. Not much special to report besides a couple dinners with friends and a lunch with Brian and Annalisa and baby and PJ Saturday plus a get together at Pete Hernandez house with his Brother John and his kids plus got to see Grace and the new baby. Pretty Busy week coming up with drinks tonight with the guys and Ricky is visiting from Miami and Dinner with my dad tomorrow and we have some guys coming in town for some business stuff wednesday and Thursday. The only big news is that I am heading to NYC for a few months to spend some real time in the Big Apple. I am very excited to spend some time with Mei and not just for a few days a couple times a month and I am also looking forward to getting involved and explore NYC for on many different levels. I will try to update more while I am there and share my experiences. I found a nice small one bedroom in The West Village and I will be heading this weekend and also should be coming home to Chicago for work and to visit pretty often. Till next time

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