Morimoto NYC

Morimoto 88 10th Ave, New York 212-989-8883 Wow Wow Wow did I get lucky with this dinner,   my food was prepared my Morimoto himself and what a treat that was.   When I mention high end amazing sushi,  this place will always come to mind along with Nobu and a few others.  The menu and the options are amazing and whenever I have the good fortune of eating a meal at one of these master chef's places I try to always get the Omakase and get to taste a wide array of the chefs specialties and what is super fresh.  This is my type of eating and this was one of the Japanese dining experiences I will not soon forget.  Many people know Morimoto from the Iron Chef and also from his time working with Nobu, he has his own style that is incredible and his dishes use flavors from all over Asia and and France and Italy and of course the Japanese back backbone. This was one of those meals you wish would not end and that you had an extra stomach so you can try more of his creations and more of the sushi.  I highly recommend this place when you find yourself in NYC and in the Meat Packing district.

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