Mid Summer Fun

I wanted to post right after Pete's birthday weekend in NYC but was waiting for some pictures to upload from the weekend. We had a great time in NYC July 18th weekend and it started out with flying Friday around noon from Ohare to JFK. We were met at JFK by Pete's brother John who lives in New York and we all took a taxi to the city and checked into the Sheraton Chelsea. We started the trip with a couple of beers and slices of Rays pizza and Mei actually stopped by after work and joined us. After the slices and everyone meeting Mei for the 1st time we went to her place and drank a few more beers and hung out for a bit and than we all went to dinner at Public in SoHo and I actually started feeling really sick at dinner and struggled through and actually called it a night after dinner, the guys continued out after and went to Piano or something to say hello to Adam and Pete passed out head 1st at the bar. We both got sick from something at dinner or one of the funky drinks we were trying out. Saturday morning we went to Breakfast and hopped on the subway and headed to a 1pm Yankees game. We had a decent time at the game but it was really hot and seats were good but not very comfy. We left around the 7th inning stretch and watched the end and had some beers at a bar across the street. We went back home and cleaned up and went to an amazing dinner at Baltazar, I ate at Baltazar around 10 years ago but forgot how good the food was. I had Escargot and some braided short rib and actually 3 of us had the short rib and it was really really good. We drank some wine and had dessert and then we headed over to the Martime Hotel for drinks outside and we hung there till 2 or 3am. The whole weekend was a good time and it was nice to spend time out with my friends and Mei. On Wednesday the 23rd I went to a large Birthday dinner for PJ and Jamie at Café Ba Ba Reeba with around 3o people and it was a good time. I hung with Brian and Anna Lisa and the baby while they were there and then went for one drink down the street and heading home pretty early. Thursday I woke up and drove to Michigan City to spend time with Betsy and the kids while they were visiting. They rented a cool house for a week in a nice little beach community. We had a fun day fishing and miniature golfing and went to the beach and also blue berry picking. Jeff grilled a great steak dinner and some fresh blue berry pie. Well that should get me caught up and I am putting up a couple pictures from NYC and a couple from Michigan city. Till next time

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