St Barts here we come

Well it is Sunday night June 22nd and I had a very nice relaxing weekend. I didn't do a whole lot but rested and cleaned my house and I actually just finished packing for vacation this week. I am taking Mei to St. Barth's for he 30th Birthday that was a few weeks ago. I am really looking forward to a week on the beach and totally soak up the sun and drink an relax. I hope to get some dives in and also maybe a early morning fishing trip. I am excited for St. Barths since I love France so much and this a french Island and besides spending in Euro it should be a great time. I will be taking lots of pictures and posting when I get back. The last couple weeks have been pretty uneventful and just been working and trying to get organized. We went out the other night for Nick's 29th Birthday for drinks at Emmit's with the crew. Congrats to Brian and Annalisa on the birth of their little girl Olivia, she was born yesterday afternoon. Also congrats to David Mitria on his wedding which was Yesterday as well, PJ and Nick went up to Lake Geneva for the whole weekend for the wedding and I am sure a lot of drinking. Couple other things over the last few weeks, went golfing at Harbor Side with Brian, PJ and Perm for 18 holes one day followed by trying out Texas De Brazil downtown opening night, and the place was really good. Saw a few movies such as The Hulk and The Happening, The hulk was very decent and the happening was not good at all. Went out for Korean BBQ with my day for Father Day and had a great meal at Kang Nam on Kedzie near Lawrence. I also have a new favorite craving food, I got hooked on Pink Berry in NYC and found a couple similar places in Chicago. I have been frequenting Berry Chill in Chicago and highly recommend for anyone looking for a good yummy summer treat that is actually not fattening. Well that should get me caught up for now and I will write more after my trip.

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