Kumas Corner Chicago

Kumas Corner 2900 W Belmont Ave, Chicago 773-604-8769 www.kumascorner.com Talk about amazing burgers in Chicago and many people are going to bring up this Gem.   This place has some of the coolest most interesting creations when it comes to gourmet burgers.   I love everything about this place from the beer to the menu to the edgy feel,  I am not a heavy metal music lover but I don't mind it but I do wish the volume level was a little bit quieter.   If you have not been to Kuma's yet I would get there asap,  the place is always busy and I would expect a wait from 45 minutes to 2 hours almost any day of the week.  The theme of the joint is Heavy Metal music and all the burgers are named after bands and people,  From the Pantera to the Metallica to Iron Maiden and many other interesting names that match the amazing and yummy creations.  The beer list is amazing and the staff is very nice even though they are always under the gun and pressure for being busy from open to close. Check this place out and don't be afraid if the music or the crowd.   Burgers and in and Kuma's has done an interesting new style of burgers and ambiance.

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