Happy Birthday Petesky

Time for a little catch up as per usual. Last Friday there was a surprise party for Pete Hernandez for his 40th Birthday and it was a lot of fun. The party was at Club Lucky and the whole crew was there and it was fun, after the main party ended around midnight the last few of us went for some more drinks at a few bars on Damen. I just got home from a trip to NYC to visit Mei for her 30th Birthday and it was a great trip. There was dinner at a cool Sushi place called Bozu 1st and the food was really good and then we went to what was suppose to be a Reggae club but was actually more like a salsa/samba/Spanish bar that was packed. We had a fun night and then walked to her friends house that was also in Williamsburg for a night cap and then called it a night. Woke up Saturday a little hung over and went for a burger with Mei and Marie at Shake Shack. We took it easy Saturday night and Sunday we spent the whole day at Great Adventure in New Jersey, it was 6 flags just like Great America and we had a ton of fun even though it was 95 degrees outside but the park was pretty empty so we rode plenty of rides. We took the bus each way and slept most of the ride and some little kid threw up in the back on the way home and it stunk pretty good. I will be posting some pictures from the weekend and also from Pete's 40th party this week. Not much else to report besides golfed one day with Brian and PJ and have been pretty busy working. Till next time

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