time keeps ticking

May 20th 2008 and time keeps moving right along. The last month has been good and I have been to NYC a couple times and I really enjoy the city and the weather has been great for my visits. Couple highlights have been some amazing dinners, the best one was this Sushi joint we went to. It was Gari Sushi and was hands down the best Sushi I have ever had. It was recommended by one of Mei's friends who lived most her life in Japan and she was right on the money with how good it was. As everyone knows I love to dine out and drink wine and Sushi is my favorite so New York and I get along very well and so far I have enjoyed the city and my time with Mei very much. A couple of weeks ago after a few days in NYC I came back on Friday and Mei came in town for a house warming and baby shower for Annalisa and Brian and we had a nice weekend in Chicago. This past Saturday I went out with old married crew and had drinks at a few different places and had a fun night. There has been quite a few nights out and things to report over the last month but since I still am stinking with updating my site I have forgotten most of it. Business is pretty mediocre but not horrible and we are trucking along. Things in Chicago have been good and I have been going out with friends and enjoying the spring besides the weather. We just can't seem to get to the nice days besides a one day here and there between lots of chilly and rainy days. I went and golfed 9 holes Sunday with PJ, Nick and Brian and had a lot of fun besides it being to cold. Well thats about I can remember and I have uploaded a new set of pics of a photo shoot we did for my dad's birthday to surprise him with the family. Till next time

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