Sushi of Gari NYC

Sushi of Gari NYC 402 E 78th St New York 10075  212) 517-5340 Wow Wow Wow is all I can say about this small incredible sushi joint on 78th street,  I have to say this was one of my best Sushi meals I have ever had.  They do something at Gari that is so unique and special it can’t really be put into words and needs to be experienced.  I did a sushi tasting that after each incredible pieces they brought out had you craving more but anticipating what was next.   I guess I would say  this some what of a gourmet sushi experiment, I had a piece of sushi with Foie gras on top and a piece with warm tomato on top and so many other interesting pieces.   It was and will always be one of my most memorable dining experiences and I highly recommend going the main one on 78th.

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