Spring is here

It is finally spring and the weather is starting to get so much nicer out and everyone is happier and more cheerful. I can't believe it has been a month since my last post and I am going to stop promising more regular posts since I am just looking like a stinking liar. Things have been pretty good for the last month and we have fixed most of the google issues for our sites. I have been to NY to visit Mei a couple times and she was in Chicago for her dads birthday. Tax day has come and gone and things have been pretty good. I am going to try to remember a few things that have happened over the last month but I am sure I will most things. We had a poker game at Pete's house in Berwyn and Sergio and I drove out there for the game and Pizza and to watch one of the NCAA games. After a couple days in NYC a couple weeks ago I came back to Chicago on Friday and Mei Came in for the weekend and we went to Costas in Greek Town with the Tsai family to celebrate Fred's B-Day and Sunday I drove her to the airport around noon. My Monk friend who we spent time with on the 1st trip to India and have seen in Chicago a few times was back visiting and I met him at Sergio's house for a visit and spent some time with him Sunday evening. I am back hanging out in NYC and have been in town since Friday night and enjoying the city, The weather has been just perfect and we really enjoyed the weekend. Saturday we went for lunch outside and then went and spent the day in Central Park. We watched some street performers and went to the zoo and walked around the park. Saturday night we went to a really nice small Italian place in The West Village and ate outside. Sunday was a lazy day and we relaxed and had brunch and Mei cooked me a very nice dinner followed by home made brownies.

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