Already March

Good evening and it time to catch up on the last few weeks. I know I have said this before but I am really going to try to post every couple days. The main purpose of this journal was to keep track of the things going in my life so I can look back on them and see what I was doing at certain times of my life. I am going to add a reminder in my Outlook to remind me to post every couple days so that I don't just blow it off. I have been working on the family section a little bit and if you click on it you can see I am going to have galleries for other people in my family. I hope to add the Hoffman side and a bunch of galleries for them when I get some pics from my Aunt Sandy. I have added old pictures of my grand parents and also some very young ones of Betsy and myself. I started working on a family tree and plan on adding it to my site in the future. I had a great trip to Paris with Mei and we enjoyed the week there and did so many things and went to nice dinners and cafe's and even a Cabaret show. We went to Muse D Orsay also and a few churches. I will be posting some pictures in the next few days. Went out with the boys boozing on Friday at Q Cue and had a really fun time and did too many shots. I will be posting more often and if I don't please email me and say wtf. till next time

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