Taillevent Paris

Taillevent Paris 15 Rue Lamennais, 75008 Paris http://www.taillevent.com/ Amazing to say the least.  This was one of the best meals I have ever had and was really a dining experience up there in the top 10 of my life.  This is really one of this places that you hear about as being one of the top restaurants in the world and it really was.  I am not the biggest fan of Jacket and Tie required type places but it was worth it for this stuffy, snooty French Restaurant.   The wine list was incredible with some of the most amazing French choices and the cooking by Alain Soliveres was some of the best interesting dishes I have ever had.  The cheese selection for dessert was really crazy but way beyond my taste preferences and hope to try that level of cheeses more in the future.

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