couple week catch up

As always I have not been posting nearly as much or as often as I would like. Let me try to fill in a few things that have been going on the last couple weeks if I can remember. I had a great weekend last weekend with Mei and we hung around and went to lunch all 3 days and ate in and played games most of the nights she was here. The weekend was great. Business has been pretty slow with the time of year and the economy but o'well what can you do. I am going to Paris next weekend for a week to hang around and spend time with Mei and enjoy Paris which happens to be both of our favorite place. I have added all my travel galleries from our big trip and I worked all evening today to create family galleries. They are uploaded but not working till Brian fixes tomorrow but they are going to be awesome. I have tons of pictures of Evan and Erin and I am also working on adding galleries for all my grand parents and parents and also my Sister and Jeff. I hope to continue adding tons more galleries and many more fun things. I hope everyone enjoys the pics since it is a lot of work. Everything else is going well and I just wish the cold weather was over and spring would get here. Till next time

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