Super Bowl Sunday

Hello all, it is Super Bowl Sunday and I thought I would check and update on the last week. I got back to Chicago after a very nice couple days in New York and life was very easy to flow right back into. In the past I have come home from being abroad and pretty much jumped right back into things but with all the time changes and jet lag it is always hard to adjust. Spending a week in Miami and few days in NY was just perfect for getting the old body back to normal. I came into work Monday I will have to say it was as if we never left. We always take our big trip around the same time since the business world pretty much goes on hold for a month. I was pretty busy all week with plans and I went out to dinner Tuesday night with Don from Ticket Network and Seth from Gold Coast. Wednesday night I went out to dinner with my dad and the Thursday with Brian and PJ. I was suppose to see all the guys for boys night out Friday but it got cancelled due to weather and old guy laziness. I spent some time with my mom today and set her up with a webcam and Skype so she can talk to Erin and Evan live with Video chat. Skype is very cool with the Video if you have not used it I would highly recommend to stay in touch with family/ Well that is about all that has happened since I got home and I am planning on putting up all my Galleries from our trip on my site and also redo many of the old ones since I have some new tool for Iphoto that makes it much easier. Till next time

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