Party is ending

Well the trip around the world is coming to end and I just packed up these same clothes for the last time. I am leaving Miami bright and early after a nice relaxing week here. The weather was decent and warm but would have been nice to have some more sunshine. We golfed twice and the course was nice but we both played pretty average. The week was nice and we had some great dinners and hung around and pretty much relaxed. I spent one day at the track with PJ and his father and PJ went and hung out a few days there. I am flying into Chicago Thursday and going to drop my things off at home and pack a few things and flying to NY for the weekend. We will both be back on the office and back to reality Monday, PJ is going to stay in Miami till sunday and Golf with Billy P and hang with his dad and friends. The trip was great in every way and the places we saw were amazing. It feels so long ago that we were in India spending the two days with the girls, working with Nav seems like forever ago. I have plenty of things to reflect on and share and I will be putting up galleries of the trip when I get home next week. I am very excited about 2008 and looking forward to a great year with lots of exciting plans. I hope anyone following along on our journey enjoyed some of the details of our trip and I hope we did a decent job sharing. Till next time

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