Dubai is amazing

Dubai is amazing and we went have been all over and seen so much. I posted a bunch of pictures to show some of the cool things we have seen. Last night we had drinks with a student of PJ's cousin Marvin from the University of Chicago. Nick and his wife Angela joined us at our hotel for drinks for a few hours and then went upstairs to a really nice place for dinner. Verre by Gordon Ramsay was the name of the place and the food was really good. We actually sat around and ate and drank till about 1am, Nick and Angela have lived in Dubai for 3 year and have live all around the world. It was really nice to get info and learn about Dubai from someone how lives here, they are both born in Australia but Nick spent like 17 years living in the UK and also has lived in Munich, Lebanon, Scotland, Vienna and many other places. We really enjoyed spending time with him and learning about so many things. Today we took it easy for the 1st half of the day and then we went to Ski Dubai. I really can't explain how amazing it was to go skiing indoors in the middle of the Desert. It was actually part of the biggest mall I have ever seen with more high end shopping then Oak Street and Rodeo Drive combined. The different ethnic groups and wide range of people walking around is crazy, you have women with the face covers on and men in the robes with the full head gear on. It is just like nothing I have ever seen before yet in this mall with o much going on you have starbucks, Krispy Kremes, Baskin Robbins, and many other US fast food places. At the bottom of the slopes there is a TGI Fridays and a huge mall with Tiffany and Co. It is just very surreal and just so cool. Well its about 9pm now and we are going to get changed and try to find a nice lounge or some cool place to grab a few drinks. I have also added some pictures today of our 1st day in Dubai and also going to upload some pics of skiing and the mall. More to come soon

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