Cold Seoul

We made it to Seoul and checked into the Ritz and we were a day late and the day after my birthday. Waiting for me was 36 beautiful roses for my 36th birthday from Mei. What a nice surprise to be across the globe and have such a thoughtful nice present welcoming me to Seoul and the hotel. We were pretty worn out from the 3 hours trip that ended up taking a day and a half so we took a nap and ended up going out for dinner around 9pm. We ended up a place that felt like a TGI fridays serving all kinds of yummy Korean food and good Asian beers. We ended up eating and drinking Hite beer till around 2am and talking and having a great night. We went to the hotel and got some sleep and we woke up went for Korean BBQ and we were going to do some sight seeing but decided it was too cold and checked with amex to see if we can leave for Dubai a day early. It turned out we were able to get on the same midnight flight a day early so we went to hotel and packed our stuff and hung out for a bit and headed to the Airport. We flew Emirates Air to Dubai and I have to say that the Airplane was by far the nicest plane I have ever been on. There will be some pictures posted and you will see the business class was great but the 1st class was like private rooms with beds and big screen TV. So we are here in Dubai and we are going to have a great 5 days. We plan to golf and take some tours and see as much as we can. We are excited to see all of Dubai and do as much as possible and I will post more and put some pictures up asap. More to come soon

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