Jeju Korea my B-day

Hello from Jeju Korea. We got diverted here due to weather 10 minutes before landing in Seoul and then got put on a flight to Kimbo Airport and right at boarding time they walked us downstairs to baggage claim and our bags came out and we were told all Flights are cancelled. We are now in a Hotel near the airport and relaxing after a 3 hour plane trip took all day to get nowhere LOL.. I will try to get caught up now with our last few days in Macau and our trip to Hong Kong. So we woke up saturday morning to take our helicopter ride to HK and it turned out to be too foggy so we sat around about an hour to try to catch the next one and still fog problems so we took the Ferry and it was actually a very nice ride. We got to Hong Kong and hopped in a Taxi and he ended up taking us to a stupid Mall and after 5 minutes there we grabbed another Taxi and he took us on a great tour of Hong Kong. We stopped at a few beaches and different very scenic views of the Island. The buildings and the layout of everything was amazing and we had a very nice tour with and awesome driver. We had him drop us off at Time Square and we walked around and did a little shopping and eating some cool stuff on the street. We decided to turn our day trip into a 24 hour trip instead and we checked into the Mandarin Hong Kong which was really a beautiful hotel, much nicer than the Mandarin Macau. We checked in and showered and got ready to go out and went to Lan Kwai Fong area for dinner and drinks. We ate at a really good Thai Place and met a few guys from Miami and New Jersey and talked for a bit after dinner. I was still a little under the weather so I went back to the hotel and PJ went out for more boozing. We woke up and ate Dim Sum in Hong Kong and it was really good. We took the Helicopter back to Macau which took 16 minutes and was very cool. We went back to the Mandarin and cleaned up and then went to Macau tower and PJ took the big jump. He went Bungy jumping from the highest Bungy in the world, it was 61 stories or 230 Meters and was crazy scary just to be up that high let along jump. I decided not to join him since I was like 24 hours from my 36th birthday and was way too chicken, I had jumped about 10 years back in vegas from like 15 stories and I remember how scared I was to take that step so I passed but PJ did it and it was great. We have pictures posted and I will post video when i get home. I have been posting lots of raw Galleries at if anyone has not been checking out the pics. We have posted tons of pics of everything we have been doing and I plan to put up Legit Galleries when I get home. So we are going to be flying to Seoul tomorrow morning and I hope we get there to enjoy a few night and eat some good stinky Korean food. We leave Thursday for Dubai and we are both super excited to get there and see everything we have heard about and read about Dubai. We plan to golf and actually go Skiing in the huge indoor ski Mountain. If you have not seen the ski thing you should google Ski Dubai and you will be amazed at what the billions in Oils dollars has created. Dubai looks so amazing and we are super excited to see it all. We will be in Dubai for 4 days and then we head to Athens to check out Greece. Well my birthday was not everything I had hoped for since we spent the day flying in circles and sitting and the Jeju airport but oh well, shit happens while traveling and so far it has been a great trip and we cant believe it has been 2 weeks and is half over. I will write more soon and please enjoy the pictures and much more to come. Till Next time

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