Hello from China

Hello from Macau China, Well I am sorry I have not posted well over the last few days. The trip from Delhi to Macau was pretty long and we got right to things when we got here. We spent New Years Eve in Delhi and went to dinner with Navneet and pigged out at a Indian version of Fogo De Chao and we were so full we went back to the hotel and took it very easy to ring in the New Years. I wish everyone a happy healthy 2008 and I know this is going to be a great year for everyone. We Left Delhi on Jan 1st in the evening and we flew about 6 hours to Kuala Lampur Malaysia switched planes and flew another 4 hours to Macau. Macau is very cool and we are having a good time so far, We were suppose to take a Helicopter to Hong Kong today but I got pretty sick yesterday. Now anyone that knows me, knows that i don't get sick often but it seems that I actually got the Flu or something. We pushed back our trip to Hong Kong till tomorrow and we are both looking forward to seeing the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. The Gambling in Macau is not so good and even though the big american Casinos are here I have to say that the gaming is not very good. Seems that 90% of the casino is Baccarat and all the black jack is Continuos Shufflers and we don't care for those much. I just took some Chinese Flu medicine and i am feeling better and I am looking forward to a good dinner. Macau was part of Portugal till 1999 so there is a lot of Portuguese influence here, we went to an amazing portuguese place for dinner last night and had a nice time. We met a group of people from India that lived in Hong Kong and had a great time buying them Wine and them buying us wine. It was really funny cuz when Sony, the main big man at the table heard we were from Chicago he said best steak in the world is at the Chop House, and we have been all about the Chop House recently. We will have some pictures up soon for this part of the trip. So far all is well on the leg of the trip, we had a great massage at the Mandarin and PJ has kept himself busy while I get over my Sickness getting manicures and he had a foot massage today and now I think he went out for a haircut. I shaved funny for a couple of days and I had chops one day and a mustache the next day and nothing for the next few days. Seemed like a fun idea for vacation and don't laugh to hard when you see all the funny pics in the Gallery. PJ kept telling me I look French with the Mustache, I dont like it very much and Cant wait to shave it off tonight. I will write more after the day in Hong Kong tomorrow and we are very excited for our first Helicopter ride. Also I doubt we are going to do it but it seems when we start drinking at night we decide that we are going to do the Highest Bungi Jump in the world which is in Macau, its 230 meters or 60 stories. Way crazy looking at this thing I am pretty sure I am too much of a wuss to do it but you never know what type of bets can made while drinking in China. Till next time

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