Still in New Delhi

Well we have been in Delhi for a few days and things are very good. We spent a couple days at Navneets office and got some really good work hours in and some good face time. The relationship we have built over the last 4 years with Nav is truly amazing, we have such a connection with him and such good chemistry it is like no time has passed. We have not seem him for 2 years but when we get together with him it we flow right into good talks and great things always come from our trip out here. We really like Delhi and it is very different from Mumbai, but as much as we like it here we are very ready to continue the journey and see some new places and visit the next few places neither of us have ever been. We moved our departure a day earlier so we can get to Macau. We are really looking forward to Macau and getting to bright lights and really nice hotels. We are staying at nice places in India but it just not the same, I dont want to say it is dirty but it is just kinda old. We have been on a pretty set routine, we have been waking up in the morning and working out if you can believe that. After we work out we order two pots of Tea, we both love the Indian Tea and it must have milk. We they go spend the rest of the day with Navneet and eat lunch and actually went out for a drink last night. The beer in India is so funny, they have normal beer but also have beer they label as strong. It is crazy because 2 beers and you are wasted and it is really very good, when you think about drinking beer you really dont like drinking a lot because you get full and dont feel so good. There is no way they would serve this in the states at the bars, people would not spend money and only need a beer or two. Tonight is New Years Eve for us and we wish everyone a Happy Happy New Years, I hope everyone has a great 2008 and we look forward to seeing everyone soon. More fun coming on the next legs of our trips and I will be posting more pics and sharing our travels. Wish us luck in Macau

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