Mumbai Christmas

Hello from Mumbai, India. We arrived to India around midnight after a 15 hour flight from JFK. We checked in the hotel and of course we were up most of the night. The trip started a little rocky as we missed our flight out of ohare to JFK, it was really comical since we got to the gate and the plane had just landed. We went to the bar 30 feet away from the gate and had a beer and a bloody mary and 10 minutes later we went to the gate and the plane was gone. PJ and I looked at each other and laughed and joked on how crazy that was. Well we went to the ticket counter and Delta had no more flights to NY so we ended up hopping on a Jet Blue flight an hour later. We caught our flight in NY direct to mumbai and after we were sitting down PJ looked at me and showed me his back pack and it was empty LOL he forgot his laptop at the security check and it was too late to grab it. Just a very funny start to our long Journey. Well it is around 9am here and we have decided to try to work out every morning so we can eat and drink and not feel like crap on the trip. Wish us luck with this idea since we all know how hard it is to work out while traveling but we are going to give it our best shot. I will be posting pretty regular and also post pics as often as I can. Let the adventure begin and happy holidays to everyone

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