NYC is awesome

Well it is Monday night December the 10th and I can't believe the end of the year is here. Christmas is like two weeks away and the year has flown by. This year was very hard and I as I have all my life I have learned a lot. I was in New York over the weekend and had a great time, I have not visited NY in a couple years after going pretty frequent for many years. This was my second visit in the last month and just as I remember from my past trips, the city moves fast. It is really hard to believe how much is going on and how so many people can live and work in such a fast moving city that never seems to take a break. I was visiting my friend Mei who is actually Brian's Sister, and we did some fun stuff over the two weekends I was there. The 1st trip a few weeks ago we went to see the new Cirque show Wintuk, the show was good but geared a little more towards kids and families. I love seeing the cirque shows that travel around and also the ones in Vegas but this particular show was not amazing like some of the ones I have seen. This past weekend we went to an incredible japanese restaurant called EN, not sure how this is going to show but that is the link. G recommended the place and it was great, it was a traditional Japanese style menu straight from Japan. They are know for the fresh Tofu they make 4 times a night and it was really good. We did a tasting that was really good and got to try a bunch of things. We also went to a show Saturday night called Fuerzabruta, it was from the same people that did De La Guarda.... The show was just so so, very cool and interactive with everything moving around the floor and the props changing but it was really a little too whacky for us and could have used some mind altering drugs to enjoy it more. Oh I almost forgot, we went to visit the newest Apple Store in the Meat packing district and it was crazy big, 3 stories and retarded busy. Sunday we went for Dim Sum in China Town and walked around for a bit and I flew home Sunday night. Typical flight from NY to Ohare, 3 hours delayed and some how they forgot the entire flights baggage in New York. My bags got delivered to my office the next day. Oh well no biggie, just the joys of traveling. I am sure I will have a million stories about mine and PJ's 1 month crazy trip starting the end of this month. Well business is smooth and thank god the Broadway strike is over. That's about it for now and I will write some more soon.

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