Update time

Time for an update.....Nothing major to share but I will share a few interesting things that have happened over the last week. Wow shit it has been longer than I thought, I guess Thanksgiving was the last update. Well the wednesday before Thanksgiving I was drawn out to borders for some reason and I bought a book I read about 10 years ago. I decided to buy and read Celestine Prophecy again and I bought a few other interesting books but I ended up reading Celestine cover to cover over the weekend and it was great to read it again. Having a little more time to myself is great these days and I am really starting to get back into some interests I had before work consumed me. I cant even explain the coincidences that have happened since I read the book, nothing life changing but I will name a few. 1st thing to happen was Eddie called me and we started talking about the book since he read it years ago around when I first did, he asked me if i listen to pocasts and started to tell me about this book he just heard about. The World Without Us, It was just so crazy because i read most of the book recently and just what are the chances with my limited reading recently that he would name that book.(spooky) Next thing that happened was I was out to Dinner With Brian and we were talking and he gave me some great news about being pregnant, Half way through dinner he started telling me about a book his sister recommended years ago to him and asked if ever heard of Celestine Prophecy. I was floored in the middle of dinner and almost spit a piece of Salmon out my nose. Again what are the chances of him bringing up this book that I have not thought about or heard come out of anyone mouth in years. Earlier that day I was talking to Eddie at the office and he was trying to remember the name of a movie he wanted to know if I saw, he could not remember but later after dinner with Brian I stopped at the grocery store to grab a few things with a couple Sapporo beers in me and when I was checking out there was some Random loose DVD by the register that someone must have decided not to buy. Well it was the new Die Hard and I was like what the heck, I have not bought a DVD in a while and I will watch it when i get home. Well guess what happened, Eddie emailed me around 2AM that night, he remembered the movie that was killing him to remember. LIVE FREE DIE HARDER!!! What are the chances...... Ok last one, I am sure nobody cares but the reason I really started this was so I could document things and look back since it is so hard to remember your life and after my Grandma's memoirs I really decided to try to document more. Ok so the last things is this past Saturday night I am home relaxing drinking some of the best wine I have had in years which was a 1996 Chateau Prieure Lichine. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love the French Reds. So I am sitting around feeling great talking to a couple people online about some work stuff and all evening long I had this urge to go to the River Boat to Gamble, I even mentioned it a few times. Well I am not sure what time but I get a call from PJ and a couple people and they are like Hey we are at the Steak House at HorseShoe, Wanna come Gamble. Now none of us have been to the boats for maybe a year or longer. What the heck, how crazy is that. I hopped in a Taxi and got there in like 35 minutes. We had a great time playing craps and then went to some local Indy dump bar and i was falling asleep since I was not ready for an all night adventure. Well I just wanted to share some of my crazy things that happened. Also I started getting back to Bikram Yoga last week, I went 3 days last week and also today and I hope to make it the next few days also. It is so amazing the way you feel during and after. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. I am going out of town for a few days later this week and PJ and I are going away on Dec 24th for a pretty decent trip. We will be taking more pictures than ever and seeing so many new places, We start in India for a few days in Mumbai and a few days in Delhi. We will be seeing the girls and spending some quality time with all of them. I can't believe it has been 2 years, I spoke to them this past Friday and Sunday and they are so grown up. They can't wait to see us and they call me all the time asking when we are coming. We go from Delhi to Seoul for 3 days and then Macau for 3 days and then Dubai for 3 days. We were going to try to go to Australia but I was having trouble getting there and I think we may go to Greece is I can swing it. Just think Amazing Race and that will be us hopping around trying to see as much as we can while away. Ok Sorry so long but I wanted to catch up as much as I could.

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