Happy Thanks Giving

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone is having a great weekend. As always I feel like I need to catch up with everything instead of being on top of my Live Journal. So we went to Kansas City last Wednesday to see Garth Brooks and it was a fun time. I have a funny story about the trip, Marcus and Andrea took the 4 of us to the show and we had amazing seats around 6 rows from stage and after a good five hours of pre-show boozing we walk over to the Sprint Center. One by one Marcus and Andrea walk in and then Jamie then Nick and then UH OH!!!! The lady at the door scans my ticket and it is no good, Scans PJ's Ticket and no good. LMAO it was so hilarious. Now most people would have freaked out but PJ and I thought it was a riot. Being in the business and sending millions of people to concerts over the years its always in the back of our minds, and every time we go see a show we say "we hope they scan" Well this time they didn't and PJ and I went to the window and talked to them and it was a simple mistake by Marcus and worth it for ball busting for eternity. We went out to the street and it was huge, since it was the live show that was being shown in theaters across the country the street was hot. I made a call to one of my guys and he hooked us up with 2 tickets in the lower level for $400 each.....HA HA!!! more good ball cracking for Marcus. Actually we felt terrible for him since he was doing such a nice thing for us and the night was so much fun. We got in and we made our way to the floor and we all sat together no problem and the show was great. Pics are posted from the fun night in my friends section. Thursday we flew back to Chicago and I headed to NY Thursday night to visit a friend and also to see my Cousin Miranda and her husband Dola. Great great weekend in NY, I had so much fun and I enjoyed staying at the Mandarin Oriental and it was just a perfect weekend away. Thanksgiving last night I picked up my mom and we went to my Cousin Vicki and Marty's house. It was a very nice dinner and we ate too much food and way too much Dessert. I have a couple pictures under family but I did a very bad job and didn't take enough. Friday I met my sister and the kids for lunch with my mom and had a nice afternoon. Friday night I actually put a special dinner together for my Dad and Janice and my Sister, Jeff and the kids. I had the same chef that cooked for our New Years Party prepare a Post Thanksgiving dinner for all of us at my office. It was a very nice time and it was awesome spending more time with the Kids and everyone. I have some pics of both nights in the family section Well all and all it was a good holiday and I got to see everyone. Going to be a quiet rest of the weekend since my last couple weeks were plenty busy. Till Next time...........

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